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Empoli on tv and stream

Empoli is an Italian football club that is popularly known as Empoli by football enthusiasts all over the world. Empoli, Tuscany, Italy is where he is based. This squad is one of a small handful of Italian football clubs that do not represent a province's capital city but have competed in the top division. Empoli is one of just a few Italian clubs to have never won a senior national championship.


Following their participation in the tournament in San Miniato, the two formed their own local football club. Empoli was placed in Group A of the Tuscan Promozione 1921-1922 the following September, after obtaining affiliation with the Italian football association. Due to financial difficulties, the club dropped its name and elected to play in the Terza Categoria league, finishing second in group A. Empoli finished second in Group A of the Terza Categoria in 1922–23, qualifying for the final round after a 1-0 playoff victory over Ponteira on April 15, 1923, in Florence. The season came to a close with a third-place finish in the group finals. Empoli remained in the Tuscan third level for the next three seasons, from 1923 to 1926. After that, in the 1926-27 season, Empoli won the Tuscany group A division and was admitted to the interrogational final; a pleasant surprise after finishing fourth in Group G. Until the 1935-1936 season, Empoli was in the Prima tier, then Serie C. At the time, several members requested that this team be disbanded for arms. The team withdrew in the middle of the season. Empoli returned to competition in the Prima Divisione the following season under the moniker "OND."Empoli made their Coppa Italia debut against Pontedera at home. Empoli got admitted to Serie B after changing their name to Empoli FootBall Club after being known as Sports Group Azelio Landi for a brief period during October and November 1944.

The 1980s

In 1986, the club was promoted to Serie A, and the first few home games were held in Florence. In Serie A's inaugural match, Empoli defeated Internazionale 1-0. Empoli was demoted to Serie C once more in 1989. Following that, the team spent several seasons in Serie C. The team returned to Serie B in 1996 and was promoted again in 1997, at which time it was known for developing outstanding new talent.


Empoli was promoted to Serie A in 2002 after 2000, and the team has emerged as a relegation fighter since 2005. They were eighth in the top-league point table at the end of the 2005-06 season. They qualified for the UEFA Cup next season due to a Serie A match-fixing scandal at the end of that season but were unable to compete because club management neglected to apply for a UEFA license. The club qualified for the UEFA Cup again in the 2006-07 season.

UEFA Cup participation

With the prospect of European football looming, management has bolstered the squad by bringing in a number of young players from the club, particularly from the large Serie A clubs, such as Inter Rinkon, Ignacio Abete, and Milan's Lino Marjoratti, Sebastian Giovinco, Claudio Marchisio, and Claude. Empoli made their UEFA Cup debut against Zurich in a two-leg tie, losing 4-2 on aggregate. Luigi Cagni, who guided the Tuscans to the UEFA Cup qualification, was fired after a terrible start to the season, and Alberto Malesani was appointed in his place. On March 31, 2008, Cagney was reappointed, but the team was deported at the last minute. Before the 2008-09 season, Cagney resigned and was replaced by Silvio Baldini.