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French Ligue 2 on tv and stream

French Ligue 2 on tv and stream

French Ligue 2 is the name of an annual tournament that provides a professional football competition between the professional clubs of France. Because of sponsorship issues, Ligue 2 BKT is the present official name of the French competition.

The league ran as the second-highest division of the French football league system. It is one of two top divisions making up the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), the other being French Ligue 1, the country's top football division.

History of French Ligue 2

The second division tournament of the French football league system was established in 1933, one year after creating the all-professional First Division. The first season of the competition consisted of the six teams that went down following the 1932–33 National season and many of the teams who opposed the creation of the First Division the previous season.

Due to several teams merging, folding, or losing their professional status, the federation turned the second division into a 16-team competition and adopted the single-table format for the 1934–35 edition. In the following seasons, the league increased to 19 teams and, two years later, increased to 25 teams, with the teams being divided into four groups due to the unpredictable nature of French football clubs.

Football competitions were stopped by the French government and the Ligue de Football Professionnel because of World War II. After the end of the war, Division 2 developed stability. The tournament intertwined professional and amateur clubs and accepted the latter to turn professional if they faced specific benchmarks due to increased amateur clubs. In 2002, the competition changed its name from Division 2 to its current version, Ligue 2.

French Football and Ligue 2 saw one of the darkest times in November 2014, when the club's presidents of Nîmes and Caen were among several arrested depending on a match-fixing complaint. The incidents followed a 1–1 draw between Caen and Nîmes in May 2014, a result very beneficial for each club.

Competition Format of French Ligue 2

There are 20 clubs in Ligue 2. During a season, usually from August to May, each club plays the others twice within a regular season, once at their home ground and once at their opponent's ground, for a total of 38 matches.

Each participant club receives three points for a win in the group stage and one for a draw. But a losing team gets none for their defeat. All participant teams rank by calculating total earning points, goal difference, and goals scored as per the rules of Ligue 2.

At the finishing of each edition, the League 2 authorities, according to their rules, declare the winner to be the team that has the highest score or an equal number of points but is ahead in all other cases. The second-highest point gainer team achieved the promotion to move forward in the Ligue 1.

The fourth and fifth-place finishers play a one-leg game at the fourth-place finisher's home stadium. The match-winner faces the third-place team at the third-place team's stadium. And the match-winner plays against the 18th-placed team of Ligue 1 for a chance to play in the following season of Ligue 1. The three bottom teams of the Championnat National and the top three teams from the National exchange their places in order to maintain a relegation-promotion system.

Champions and Performances by Club in French Ligue 2

Forty-two teams have played Ligue 2 final, where only seven teams did not win the title. Fourteen teams won the title twice, and 11 teams won the title at least once.

Le Havre and Nancy have won the Ligue 2 title for the highest five times. Lens, Nice, Lille, and Metz won the second division title four-time each. Montpellier, Saint-Étienne, Strasbourg, and Lyon won the trophy trice each.

Noteworthy Stats French Ligue 2

Gerard Grizzetti scored 55 goals in the 1969 edition, which is still the most goalscoring record in a season. Rémi Maréval scored the fastest goal against Nîmes Olympique on 26 September 2009, when he scored the goal after eight seconds of play.

Watch French Ligue 2 on TV and Stream

The Fench Ligue 2 matches are now available on TV and stream. Many television networks take the official rights of media coverage to televise Ligue 2 locally and internationally. Let you know which television networks and OTT platforms broadcast live coverage of the event.

How to Watch French Ligue 2 on TV?

Téléfoot is a Fench pay television channel, also known as Téléfoot: La Chaîne du Foot, that has bought the official media coverage rights to televise all matches of Frech Ligue 2 in France. Another global television network, beIN Sports, has the exclusive rights to present the live coverage of Ligue 2 in France and other countries.

How to Watch French Ligue 2 on Stream Online?

Ligue 2 fans and global viewers can watch and enjoy all matches of the competition live streaming via a number of popular and good quality providing streaming websites. beIN Sports connect, Eurosports, Sky Sports, DAZN, Live Soccer TV, Viacom 18, Sling TV, and Fubo TV now provide live matches streaming services. If you do not want to watch average quality video, the following paid streaming site will be your best choice.

Ligue 2 is considered the second most reputed and honorable professional football competition in France. The league has provided exciting football matches since its creation.

Ligue 2 also helps French football to provide many young, energetic new players to the football and improve the ower division club. In France, Ligue 1 is as popular as Ligue 2 and is no less famous and exciting.