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Hellas Verona on tv and stream

Verona F.C., or simply Verona to those outsides of Italy, is an Italian professional football team based in Verona, Veneto. A group of students presents the team, which is currently playing in Serie A. The team's colors are blue and yellow, and its jerseys glow. It won a single Serie A title.


It's a fascinating story. Verona was formed by a group of students in 1903. The name "Hellas" was suggested by a classic professor.

There was a time when serious sports like football were only practiced in the larger cities of northern Italy. When two city teams played at the Roman Amphitheater in Verona, however, the attitude toward sports and games changed the country's outlook. The media became interested in the crowd's enthusiasm at that point.

Hellas surpasses city rivals in the early years to become the city's premier football team.

During these years, from 1898 to 1923, Italian football was divided into regional groups. Hellas was one of the early league's founding clubs and a top final challenger in this circumstance. As a result, in 1911, the city planner is able to place Hellas in a suitable location. This enabled the squad to compete in its inaugural regional competition, which served as a qualifier for the national championship until 1926.

Hellas was an amateur team in 1929. Hellas teamed up with both Bentegodi and Scaligera to form the city's strongest squad. And was given the moniker AC Verona.

In 1929, AC Verona made its Serie B debut. Their major goal was to make it to Serie A, but it also means a lot to them. After 28 years, it finally realized its ambitions and was promoted to Serie A in 1958. AC Verona amalgamated with another local competitor (named Hellas) and changed its name to Hellas Verona AC later in the season.

A Scudetto

In the 1984-85 season, a few good players were signed to the team, including Hens-Petar Briegel and Denish Preben Elkader as strikers, and the team won the title with one game remaining. No one could have predicted this outcome. The team astonished everyone by winning the Serie A championship in 1984-85, which was their lone championship.

However, in 1991, the team was forced to close due to financial difficulties, but it was quickly revived as Verona, which alternated between Serie A and Serie B. It wasn't until 1995 that the team returned to Hellas Verona.

When their three-year stint in Serie A came to an end in 2002, with the squad finishing fourth to last, their prior fortunes vanished.

A Comeback

The team's fortunes continued to deteriorate after being demoted to Serie B in 2002. But the next several years were even more disappointing, as Verona was relegated to Serie C1 after 64 years in Serie A and Serie B.

However, Verona's administration appointed Franco Colomba as the new coach for the forthcoming season with the goal of returning to Serie B as soon as possible, but the team spent the entire season in the last position at table point, despite being heavily favored.

After a few mishaps and a long stint in a lower-tier competition, Verona was promoted back to Serie A in 2013.


Verona's home stadium is the Stadio Marc'Antonio Bentegodi. In 1990, the stadium hosted a number of FIFA World Cup matches. Verona has been used as a home ground since 1963. Until 2021, it will also share with Verona's rival Chievo Verona. The stadium has a seating capacity of 39211 people.


Serie A : ones in 1984-85

Serie B : 3, 1956-57, 1981-81, 1998-99

Coppa Italia : Runners-up four times

Key players

  • Koray Gunter
  • Kevin Lasagna
  • Mattia Zaccagni

Darko Lazovic.