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Udinese on tv and stream

Udinese Calcio is an Italian football team headquartered in Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It began as a sporting club in 1896. The club's home colors are black and white striped shirts. This team has yet to win Serie A. They're also known as "the small zebra."


Udinese Calcio was founded as an athletic club on November 30, 1896, and then as a football club in 1911. The A. C. Udinese was created on July 5 by a group of Udinese gymnasts led by Luigi Dal Dan.

Udinese competes in an official FIGC championship for the first time in 1912-13.

Prima Categoria (Italian football) is the seventh division of the Italian Football League system (from 2014-15) and is organized by regional committees under the National Amateur League.) Udinese was promoted following a successful tournament in which they finished second in the point table, but they struggled in the national league stage..

Coppa Italia

Udinese took advantage of the lack of large clubs in 1922, reaching the Coppa Italia final and defeating Vado 1-0. An admiration for a goal scored late in the game.

Udinese had a disastrous season in 1929-23, as the team finished at the bottom of the point table for the entire season, forcing them to relegate to the second tier.

Late in 1923, AS Udinese split from AC Udinese Friuli over an unspecified dispute, forcing the club to establish a budget and a self-governing board.

Following that, Udinese had an incredible season in 1924-25, when the team was placed in Group F2 Division. The championship was extremely close, and three teams were contending for the title at the end of the competition: Udinese, Vicenza, and Olympia Rivers. To determine who would proceed to the final round, a play-off was required. Udinese came out on top in the final round and was promoted.

When Udinese was still in the second level in 1928-29, the management founded the Italian Championships (Serie A and Serie B). Udinese has been relegated to the third tier ( Terza Serie ). Udinis was promoted to Serie B after a successful debut season at Terza Serie A.


Udinese was relegated to the third level in 1933-34 after only two seasons in Serie B. ( Serie C ). In 1939, however, they were relegated to Serie B.

Udinese has been in Serie B for more than a decade, but due to the championship reform, they were relegated to Serie C at the end of the 1947-48 season. The embargo was broken by two promotions in a row, and Friulani gained a historic promotion to Serie A in 1949-50, courtesy to an impressive second-place result in Serie B.


In the 1954-54 season, Udinese was at its best. It almost missed out on making history by winning the Scudetto, but concluded the season in second place behind Milan in the points table. Udinese, on the other hand, was banished shortly after that season, on May 31, 1953, for an offense committed on the final day of the Championship, which was revealed two years later.

After that, Udinese's performance was poor, and they were relegated to Serie B and Serie C in 1962 and 1963-64, respectively. Many opportunities came to Udinese to back on numerous occasions, but they failed to get the promotion to return to B and A.

Massimo Giacomini

Massimo Giacomini, a good manager, led Udinese back to Serie B in 1977-78, and the team won the Anglo-Italian Cup in the same season.

Udinese won Serie B the next season and returned to Serie A after 20 years, or more than two decades.



First section

Winner (1): 1929-30

Coppa Italia Serie C.

Winner (1): 1977-78


Anglo-Italian Cup

Winner (1): 1978

Mitropa Cup

Winner (1): 1979-80

UEFA Intertoto Cup

Winner (1): 2000


Primavera at Campionato Nazionale

Winner (1): 1981

Copa Italia Primavera

Winner (1): 1993