Lucas Paqueta opts out of world cup due to injury

Lucas Paqueta opts out of world cup due to injury. There is only one month left for the World Cup. All parties have prepared themselves. All the teams have finalized the XI even though they have not disclosed it to the media. Brazil, the claimant to the title, heard the big bad news when the World Cup was arranged in Qatar.

Lucas Paqueta, the heart of the team’s midfield, is injured. His injury is also serious. It is believed that the Brazilian star may have dropped out of the World Cup. David Moyes, the coach of his club team West Ham, said that Paqueta is unlikely to recover from the injury in the next month.

A few days ago, in West Ham’s match against Southampton, Paqueta’s disaster happened. He suffered a major injury to his shoulder in the 1-1 draw.

That is why he was not seen at Anfield on Wednesday evening. The coach did not take the field against a strong opponent like Liverpool. After that, journalists started to inquire about Paqueta’s injury.

How deep is the injury of this important player in Brazil? West Ham coach Moyes was asked if he will be fit before the World Cup.

Without giving a direct answer about the World Cup, Moyes said, ‘Paqueta has an injury. At the moment it seems that the injury is quite deep. I’m not exactly sure how long this injury will keep him out. He had become quite important to us in the last few days. Paqueta gradually returned to form. He was giving momentum to our team by performing well. And losing him at such a time, we are disappointed after that.

Incidentally, the Brazilian midfielder moved to West Ham for 51 million euros in the last transfer season.

Paqueta has performed well in Brazil in the last two years. Although he is a midfielder, he has great ability to attack and score goals. He is called an attacking midfielder. He was not in the starting XI in just one of Brazil’s last 20 matches.


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