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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey on tv and stream

Today we will discuss the most authentic way of watching ice hockey on tv and stream. Yes, we understand that people from North America, Northern Europe, and Russia love ice hockey. They enjoy how players from two teams fight against each other and take control of a puck. Each team fights for it to keep the puck under their control and put it into the opponent's net using the stick.

This game is being played in the most commonplace in Canada, Russia, the United States, and Eastern and Central Europe. The reason is the same weather condition of all of these locations, and the winter is so cold, which is why ice hockey is the most popular game in those places in winter.

A Brief History of Ice Hockey

There is a bit of a confusing explanation of the history of Ice Hockey. Earlier, people thought that the idea of the game came from two different games, the first one is English field hockey, and the other one is Indian lacrosse. Both of these games were popular in their own location. However, this game massively spreaded throughout Canada when the British soldiers entered in the middle of 1800.

There is another story that came after 1980 about this game. The research says that in early 1800, there was a game similar to Hockey. Mi'kmaq (Micmac) Indians were playing it in Nova Scotia.

In known history, the first ice hockey match was played at Kingston Harbour, Ontario, Canada, in 1860. The match was played between two teams who were students. Those students were from McGill University, as the history refers. As for the game rules, they were mostly similar to regular field hockey.

Ice Hockey on TV and Stream

Now that the game is becoming one of the most prestigious games out there for cold places, people watch it with their love and passion. You can watch Ice hockey on TV and stream both because it's available on both media. You can either watch it on your television or online streaming on any device you use. In the below sections, you will get detailed information about them. Let's check that out.

Ice Hockey on TV

If you want to watch Ice Hockey on tv, you need to find out the local listing because not all the channels broadcast Ice hockey matches. However, you can find out which channel is broadcasting Ice hockey this year in your location. However, here's the list of channels that broadcast the most popular leagues and Ice hockey tournaments.

You can subscribe to the channel to watch Ice hockey live on television or choose a different live streaming provider like Sling that provides all those channels at once.

Ice Hockey Stream Live Online

NHLLIVE.COM is the most popular way to watch Ice hockey live streaming online on any device. You can subscribe to their service based on their packages and your need, and you can watch anything you like. They have three different packages: single team play, monthly package, and yearly package.

You can choose either one you want. But if you are a hardcore fan of Ice hockey tournaments, you should go for their all-in-one package that offers all the matches and teams for a single year. Just visit their website and choose whatever you like.

Major Ice Hockey Leagues and Tournaments

In the cold countries where winter comes with a great gaming season, people are more excited to watch their favorite Ice hockey leagues every year. You will see some of the most played and famous Ice hockey tournaments and leagues that you may find interesting in the below list. Without further a due, let's begin.

NHL - National Hockey League

The name sounds like it, and the National Hockey League is the most famous Ice hockey tournament in the USA and Canada. In France, it calls Ligue Nationale de Hockey, LNH. And you can call it the main professional hockey tournament in North America. 31 teams are participating in this tournament currently, and among them, 24 are from the United States. The remaining 7 teams are from Canada.

SHL - Swedish Hockey League

In Sweden, their national tournament is known by the Swedish Hockey League, and it's the most known professional Ice hockey league there. There are 14 teams that are preparing to fight each other in the current years. However, small tournaments happen that are not popularly known outside the location like other countries. Still, the Swedish Hockey League is the highest level of this kind of game in Sweden.

KHL - Kontinental Hockey League

Now, KHL or Kontinental Hockey League is one of the most recent International hockey tournaments. It was started its journey in 2008. Yes, of course, it's a professional tournament played among 24 professional hockey clubs.

Those clubs are currently from Russia, China, Belarus, Latvia, and Finland. However, the organizing authority of this tournament is planning to expand their game by including more clubs in the league.

CHL - Champions Hockey League

Now, if you are in Canada, you may know the Canadian Hockey League.  It is the umbrella organization to represent the junior hockey leagues in Canada. It was founded in 1975, and CHL represents all the major junior hockey leagues in Ontario, Quebec, and Western Hockey League. This league has 60 Canadian teams in total and fighting each other in CHL.

Ice Hockey World Championships

In 1930, the Ice Hockey World Federation organized an event called the Ice Hockey World Championship. The most interesting part is that in the 1920 Summer Olympics, those matches took place. According to the historical records of Ice Hockey, it was the first official match.

In the current modern Ice Hockey World Championship format, you see only 16 teams in the primary championship round. After this round, 12 teams play in Division I and the other 12 teams in Division II. Among them, the top 08 teams will then perform in the medal round, and the winner will be decided from this round.

Notable Great Ice Hockey Players

So many great players have come across in the Ice hockey game, and it is no wonder that it has a rich history in the gaming industry. In the cold area of the world, like Russia, Canada, the United States, and others, these games bring entertainment and joy to people's lives. Now, below are some players' names in the list. You may find someone favorite of yours.

  • Wayne Douglas Gretzky (1979 to 1999)
  • Alex Ovechkin (2005 to Present)
  • Sidney Crosby (2005 to Present)

Now that we have come to the end of our Ice hockey on TV and stream, you can watch your favorite matches through live streaming online. We have listed all the latest schedules and streaming options for you. You can check them out and try.

Remember, don't use any illegal method to stream live because it will harm your device. Choose subscriptions from respective channels or providers to watch your favorite game live online on any device you want.