Shakib says Bangladesh don't have a clear goal!

Is it a relief to read the Netherlands and Zimbabwe in the group of Bangladesh? Tiger T20 captain Shakib Al Hasan clearly commented that the talk was made by the media. According to him, whether the opponent is Zimbabwe or India, the preparation is the same. He said that the team does not have a specific goal in the World Cup. Rather, the world’s best T20 all-rounder is happy if the team performs according to the situation.

In the pre-match press conference on Sunday, Shakib said, ‘It is difficult for a player to do certain things. I want both openers to play 20 overs. If not, let the batter do the job. That’s why I’m talking about playing according to the situation. It is not good for the team if two batting 15 overs and thinking the responsibility is over. We have no specific goals. It is enough to perform according to the team’s needs.’

Shakib does not like extra thought about the opponent of the group. He refuses to think of Zimbabwe as easy and South Africa as difficult. That’s not the way to prepare, ‘We have prepared for five matches of the World Cup. With whom the game preparation will remain the same. Be it the Netherlands or South Africa. This idea of ​​relief to come to the Netherlands is created by the media. We are not prepared like this. No team in the world takes it.’

Shakib said that the positive-negative pair of opponents is not part of his thinking. His concern is to play well and win their first match against the Dutch. It is important that they have come to play the World Cup for the country. The team did not do well in the previous World Cup. But this time he sees an opportunity to do better. According to Shakib, he at least believes this team has the potential to do better than previous World Cups.

Bangladesh will play the first match against the Dutch in Hobart. It remains to be seen how the wicket will be in that match and how the batting order will be in the XI especially at the top. The question why Liton is not in the opening was also put to Shakib. He replied a little annoyed, ‘Will we win if Lyton plays in the opening? Or when the opening is fixed?’

About the field, he said, ‘Coach went to see the field with Sujan Bhai. He came up with an idea. Players will watch the field. Make your own plan. Everyone’s thoughts are different. Fielding or training would be better. That was not possible. The faster you can adapt to the situation here, think with an open mind, the better you can do.’


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