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Italian Serie B

Italian Serie B on tv and stream

Serie B is the second-highest level in the Italian football league system after the top-flight Serie A. Serie BKT is the current official name of the competition for sponsorship reasons. The competition has been running for over ninety years since the 1929–30 campaign.

Lega Calcio had organized the Serie B until 2010, when the Lega Serie B was formed for the 2010–11 edition. Common nicknames for the league competition are Campionato cadetto and cadetteria since cadetto is the Italian word that means junior or cadet.

History of Italian Serie B

After running seven editions of the major tournament of FIGC, a junior football championship was created first in 1904 in Italy. It was considered the Second Division and composed both of senior and youth squads of town and city clubs.

FIGC tried many times to introduce relegations on the contrary. But, the reformation was adopted only for the 1921 edition by the secessionist CCI in its Northern League, which contained a First Division and a Second Division.

Only in 1928 was the significant reform adopted by FIGC president Leandro Arpinati. Later a year, a new Second Division based on the same national league format of the major tournament would be created.

Finally, Serie B formed in 1929 with 18 teams and ran until World War II, after which it was split again between the Northern and the Southern part of Italy. The tournament became a national event again in 1948, and for many years in the second half of the 2000s, it was contested by 20 clubs.

The tournament reformed in 2003–04, including a single group of 24 clubs format, the largest in the history of all categories of the Italian championship. The championship introduced a 22-team format after 2004 with a playoff system.

Competition Format of Italian Serie B

After many expanding and reducing the number of participant teams, There are now 20 teams contesting in the Italian Serie B. Each team plays 38 matches – two matches against every opponent during the regular season. The Italian football authority uses a proper round-robin format.

In the first half of the campaign, called andata, each team plays once against all its opponents, 19 matches. In the second half of the campaign, called ritorno, each team will play the same opponent in the same order. The only difference is that a home game played in the first half of the season will be an away match with that same opponent in the second half, and vice versa.

When the campaign ends, the top three teams out of all were promoted to Serie A, and the bottom four teams went down to the lower division, Serie C. The top two teams are directly promoted, as is the third-placed team if they are ten or more points forward of the fourth-placed team. Else there is a playoff game that determines the third ascending team.

Champions and Performances by Club in Italian Serie B

A total of 62 football teams have played in the Seria B final, and 52 teams won the title at least once. Atalanta and Genoa won the Seria B title six times each, while Palermo has won the title five times and placed second. Bari and Brescia lifted the trophy four times each. Legnano is the only team that played four finals but could not win the title.

Noteworthy Stats Italian Serie B

Brescia is a team that has stayed the most 62 consecutive seasons in Italian Serie B. Atalanta and Genoa have won the Italian Serie B highest six times as a record. Bari and Brescia have played the most finals, having played ten Serie B finals.

Watch Italian Serie B on TV and Stream

Nowadays, fans and spectators like to watch Italian Serie B matches on TV and stream for the pandemic of COVID-19 and also for some other reasons. We listed the reputed television channels with exclusive rights to televise and streaming platforms that provide Italian Serie B live streams.

How to Watch Italian Serie B on TV?

Sky Sports has the exclusive rights to broadcasts the Serie B matches through Sky Go Italia, Sky Sport 1 HD Italia, Sky Calcio 1, 2, 7, and 10, and Sky Supercalcio HD in Italy. You can also watch Italian Serie B in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina through Arena Sports.

How to Watch Italian Serie B on Stream Online?

Italian fans and international viewers can watch Italian Serie B on Stream Online through numerous online streaming platforms worldwide ­- If you want to watch live stream the Serie B through streaming sites with good-quality video. If you want to get the best experience, use DAZN or Helbiz Media because those sites have the official live coverage rights on OTT platforms.

Besides these sites, you can watch Serie B through Live Soccer TV, LaOla1, SNAL, Sky Sports, Jio TV, Fubo TV, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, and bet 365. You can stream via the following websites on its mobile, pc, laptop and unlike other bookmakers.

If you cannot access the following sites from Asia, East Europe, the UK, or any other region, you can use a proxy server (paid VPN) to get access. You can try Express VPN, IP Vanish, or Invisible Browsing VPN.

On 7 July 2010, Serie B reformed when Serie A split with Serie B to form Lega Serie A. The tournament signed a new sponsor, Bwin, for the 2010–11 and 2011–12 editions; changed the league title name from Serie B TIM to Serie Bwin.

The league changed its name again to "Serie B ConTe.it" because of sponsorship issues. Serie B is the lowest level in which five clubs have ever played: Juventus, Milan, Torino, Roma, and Lazio.