Real Madrid moves with Endrick's entourage

Real Madrid moves with Endrick’s entourage. Endrick’S is passing the first tests in that of playing with his biggest and he is passing them with flying colors. At the moment there are only 60 minutes in which he has had the opportunity to play with the Palmeiras first team, but the sensations are more than positive. The striker continues to put that physique and that talent that he has already shown to have in the lower categories.

The consequence of this is that the bidding has already started. The first movement has corresponded to PSG, which is clear that it must copy the strategy of other teams, especially Real Madrid, to incorporate young talent. In Brazil there is talk of 20 million euros that the Qatari team has put on the table as the first proposal, far from the 35-40 million for which the Brazilian team would be willing to sign a commitment within a year and a half.

Endrick gives victory to Palmeiras in the final of the Brasileirao sub-20: great goal… and little dance! In the next few days, the arrival of scouts and technicians from several of the greats in Europe is expected. Barcelona was the first to feint, but for now it has not taken the second step that should come in the form of a proposal. Moreover, it seems that the future of the Palmeiras striker does not go through the Camp Nou.

Real Madrid has done it again. He has repeated the strategy of the last signings. While other teams were visible, the white team has moved quietly. Field work as we have been saying. There is no agreement, but it is true that the Madrid entity has gotten very close to the footballer and Endrick’s environment.

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Now it’s time to decide whether or not to present an offer to Palmeiras. The outcome will come in the next few days, once a Real Madrid coach travels to Sao Paulo to check, live, that Endrick’s game continues to knock down doors despite his 16 years. And everything indicates that in professional football he also gives to stand out and make a difference.

His signing is long-term, since until July 2024 he will not be able to travel to Europe, at which time he will turn 18 and will be free to join the discipline of any team. Real Madrid has an advantage. We will keep reporting


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