Unai Emery all set to join as Aston Villa Coach

Unai Emery is already history at Villarreal. The Basque coach offered a farewell press conference for the yellow club. Backed by Fernando Roig and Roig Negueroles, the former Yellows coach analyzed the reasons for his departure: “You have to try to put your feelings aside. You have to be cold and calculating. And stick to the contracts we sign. I have maturity and experience to make decisions with firmness and respect”.

“Here I have been very me. They gave me the conditions to be me in my best version. You have to continue having challenges. In Villarreal I have had a house. I called Fernando on Friday to tell him the situation and I wanted to play the game on Sunday and the Monday to meet again. Yesterday everything was unleashed. I called Fernando when there was already something more serious going on.

“Villarreal is going to last thanks to this great project. We have to try to make it natural. They stay and the fans too. They’re going to have a beautiful stadium that I won’t be able to experience” Unai Emery added.

“It’s a different and difficult context. It may surprise you a bit, but we are in the phase of adapting. Yesterday was a day with the players that we rested and I want to say goodbye to them. This team is very mature and has experienced many situations. Very professional. They adapt to different messages. I’m happy with how they responded and the chemistry that was generated in the group. A coach will come with a different message, but the players will perform. They understand because they are professionals.” Unai Emery said.

Why Aston Villa?

“I just want to talk about Villarreal. Tomorrow a new stage opens and I’ll talk about it.” “It is a professional and personal decision. I always carry the suitcase and with many complicated and beautiful moments. Here I found a very important family part and I have felt something of heart again. But the profession is within me. I considered that I had to take this option. A different challenge, but professionally very good”. Unai Emery told.

“I appreciate the professional and affective relationship. Above all from respect. I thank Villarreal and José Manuel Llaneza, the employees, technicians who come with me and those who stay at the club. And thank all of Villarreal for the moments we have experienced I came looking for a different place to achieve some challenges that Villarreal had almost touched and so had I. The club gave me the opportunity to make that couple for two and a half years. We have risen to the occasion”.

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He was not alone in saying goodbye to him. Fernando Roig and Roig Negueroles were by the coach’s side in his goodbye. The president did not want to say the phrase: “he leaves us lying”. He bit his tongue and used a much softer switch-footed catcher. “He catches us on the wrong foot, because of this strange season. We have a great relationship, but what I’ve told him before has left us on the wrong foot. Unai Emery further added.

It’s been a bit of a mess for us. But in the face of adversity and changes always show strength. Today is Unai Emery, his work and his gratitude. We have been a little bad, but we thank you and wish you the best. We are here to talk about the termination of Unai’s contract unilaterally. He has complied with the contract he had and I thank him for the work he has done with his technical team during all this time.

We have had a relationship with respect and professionalism on both sides. It has led us to be champions of the Europa League and to play an extraordinary role in the Champions League. But an opportunity has come to him thanks to his work and the wicks that Villarreal put on him”.


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