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Sporting Organizations Roma, or the Rome Sports Association, is known as Roma outside of Italy and around the world. It is a professional football team from Italy, based in Rome. The Rome Sports Association was created before the start of the winter season in 1927, bringing together three Rome-based sports clubs: Fortitudo-ProRoma, Football Club di Roma, and Alba-Audace.

The two clubs joined on May 25, 1927, to become the Sports Association Roma, in order to better defend themselves against area rivals. During those years, both Fortitudo-ProRoma and Football Club di Roma won the "Scudetto" and the "Coppa Italia."

Roma spent the whole 1951-52 season in Italy's top flight without playing a single game. At different eras, Roma has won three Serie A titles and additional accolades.

A total of 15 Roma players have won the FIFA World Cup: Ferraris, Guaita, and Masetti (1934); Donati, Monzeglio, and Serantoni (1938); Broni Conti (1982); Rudi Vollar and Berthold (1990); Aldair (1994); Candela (1998); Cafu (2002); Daniele De Rossi, Simone Perotta, and Francisco Totti (2006).

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In the spring of 1927, three ancient Italian Football Championship clubs from the city of Rome merged to form the club, Roma.

The goal of the merger was to give the Italian capital a powerful club that could compete with the leading Northern Italian clubs of the period. Lampredi's home swiftly became Rome, which also served as the host city for the 1934 World Cup.

In the early seasons of the 1930–31 championship, Roma made history by finishing second to Juventus in the league. Attilio Ferraris, the captain of the club Romeo, was a key player at the time, as were Guido Massetti, Fulvio Bernardini, and Rodolfo Volk. The following season, Roma has named champions after defeating the United States.

The first scudetto

After fifteen years of being born into the club of Rome, Roma finally won their first scudetto title in 1941-42, less than a decade later. During that season, Roma put together an enthusiastic squad under the tutelage of Alfred Schaeffer, with local player Amedeo Amadei scoring 18 goals. Guido Masetti, the goalie, led the squad to victory with superb defense and a dangerous counter-attack.

Amadei began his career at Romas Youth Academy before joining Atlanta Football Club as a borough. Everyone is pleased when he returns to Roma to play as a center-forward and sees his performance as well as score. The team was able to score 27 goals, and Amadei, the goal scorer, has a noteworthy mention in his history. He has spent the last few years as one of Roma's top scorers.

The second scudetto

Roma had to wait nearly 40 years for a second title, but it was finally theirs in 1982-83, due to an equalizing goal from Pruzzo. The triumph made Rome's football fans ecstatic, inspiring singer-songwriter Antonello Venditti, who had written the official anthem 'Roma Roma Roma' over ten years before, to write 'Grazie Roma' as well. The following season, Roma came in second place in Italy and won the Coppa Italia.

The Third Scudetto

Roma stunned the football world by winning the Scudetto for the third time over Juventus, thanks to Argentine attacker Gabriel Batistuta and fellow South Americans Walter Samuel and Emerson. The fans had to wait until the final day of the campaign in 2000, when Francesco Totti, Roma's manager, was a major factor in the club's title victory, and he would go on to become one of the club's most famous figures.


According to a study conducted by the Doxa Institute-L'Espresso in April 2006, More people favor Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Napoli than Roma. Roma is Italy's fifth most popular football club. Fans have always played a vital role in inspiring athletes to achieve their best all of the time while maintaining the proper mindset.


National title

Serie A - three times (1941-42, 1982-83, 2002-1)

Coppa Italia (9) 1963-43, 1968-69, 1979-80, 1980-81, 1983-84, 1985-86, 1990-91, 2006-7, 2007-8.

Supercoppa Italia- twice 2001 and 2007

Serie B - 1, 1951-52

European title

inter- cities Fairs Cup - 1- 1960-61

Club record

With 786 appearances in all competitions in 25 seasons from 1993 to 2017, Francesco Totti holds the record for most official Roma appearances. In a home encounter against Parma on March 1, 2008, he surpassed Giacomo Losi for the Serie A record of 619 goals. He's also the team's leading scorer. Francisco Totti has had a total of 307 goals since joining the club.

Prominent player

Agostino Di Bartolomei

Roberto Pruzzo

Rudi Völler


Daniel Fonseca

Vincenzo Montella

Francesco Totti

Walter Samue

Simone Perrott

Antonio Cassano

Daniele De Rossi