Luka Doncic continues to shine

Luka Doncic continues to shine. The NBA is the most talent-dependent league in the world. Of all imaginable sports and in all confines. The different ones have a different range, they change the game and basketball adapts to them.

For this reason and because the numbers say so, the ‘phenomenon’ Luka Doncic at the start of the 2022-23 season takes the league to a new dimension. Yours. No one. Neither Michael Jordan nor Kobe Bryant, greatest exponents of offensive talent in the history of the sport of the basket.

Nobody manages to reach what Luka scored in the six games that kick off the NBA. 200 (or more) points, 50 rebounds and 50 assists. Incredible offensive volume and lead generation. His averages of 36.7+9.5+8.7 also say it all.

It is the Doncic dimension, in some demanding Mavericks but in which Luka leads and changes the face. The very complex system of page predictions like ‘FiveThirtyEight’ also has it clear.

They are the third favorites for the championship ring. And in Dallas they believe it, hand in hand with their leader. They even hang Real Madrid flags at the American Airlines Center in Victoria Park in the Texas town.

The progression is tremendous, although they will experience some tough chained matches. The Jazz, one of the great revelations of the beginning of the course. And they host teams from the East on tour.

First, a physical and competitive Toronto Raptors, and a game against the Nets that… Knowing the Nets, you don’t know what to expect either. That yes, hard games and with the need to settle in the noble part of the table.

Luka Doncic scores 44 points and puts himself at the scoring height of Michael Jordan
“We can’t just rely on Luka,” Jason Kidd said in one of his post-match press conferences. But Luka is in another dimension.

The numbers and the feeling of seeing something different. And, certainly, one does not know very well what is the most important of the two things.


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