Tom Brady feels down after disaster!

Tom Brady feels down after disaster! A number of unleashed laughter If the concern and historical negative numbers for Tom Brady placed him in one of the most complicated situations of his career, the clear defeat against the Baltimore Ravens (22-27) .

This leaves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers one of the best athletes of all time in an unprecedented situation. The team does not work, loses and has no sign of being able to take steps forward. Lack game, resources and lose their virtues of other times.

It is unbecoming of the ‘Bucs’ that after a first half with a defense reminiscent of their best moments, they let the advantage slip away. In the first 30′, Barrett was perfect in putting pressure on Lamar Jackson, and no route ended up in the Tampa endzone. Also, Tom Brady found Evans at length and Godwin. In the second, collective disaster.

Starting with the loss of the Ravens’ deep route defense. That is to say, the Buccaneers’ secondary line failed to adjust and the Baltimore team hit June and again. It started with Likely’s ‘touchdown’ for 17-10, and they would no longer regain the lead.

Despite some legendary outburst from Tom Brady on the pass, the team lost its power behind and gave up first down after first down. They wouldn’t come out of there. The (new) defeat leaves Brady’s Buccaneers in an unusual situation in the quarterback’s career. A record of 3-5, two wins under 50%.

It had never happened to him in his 23-year career, which exemplifies that those from Tampa Bay do not raise their heads. Same formula of recent times: good Brady, bad Buccaneers.

Before them they have a situation of maximum difficulty although there is room for hope. There are nine games left, and among them the Rams, 49ers or Bengals as the main obstacles.

If they don’t add to the wins box soon, the risks will begin in their division, which is led by some amazing Falcons. But those from Atlanta also have a negative record, everything is said. The same as Panthers and Saints, with whom they will have duels in the coming weeks.


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