Real Madrid sets quick eye for Endrick and Bellingham

Real Madrid does not contemplate an auction for Endrick and Bellingham. Bellingham and Endrick are the two goals to be achieved in the short term that the Real Madrid sports management has set for itself. The English with the desire that it can be incorporated in the summer market in 2023 and the Brazilian for the one a year later, since before it is impossible.

They are not the only players who are being watched by the white club’s sports management, but they are those who are in danger of being seduced by other teams. There is concern about what could happen, but not urgency, so dangerous movements for the Madrid entity are ruled out.

How far will Real Madrid go? Has a limit been set? As has happened with the latest signings, both with a transfer and negotiation with a club, and with players without any commitment and badly called at zero cost, the limits are set by the white leaders and no auction is allowed.

For this reason, work is carried out thoroughly during the months prior to the operation and the fundamental factor becomes the will of the footballer. There is no other. Without that complicity, it is almost impossible to compete economically.

In both cases, fidelity and the desire to wear white madridista seems assured, but the time has come for the appearance of third teams and interests that are sometimes unrelated to the wishes of the player in question.

In the case of Bellingham, the Englishman let Real Madrid know of his desire to play at the Santiago Bernabéu at home and in fact refused to renew, but the sudden and millionaire appearance of Liverpool has changed the scenario.

The footballer who intends to play for Real Madrid will be ‘forced’ to give up certain incentives that will come from third teams in the race to sign him. There is no other. From the club they understand that the commitment cannot be questioned because it is the basis of the group’s success, a true benchmark of what Real Madrid is today.

The 150 million euros that are being talked about by Bellingham are a pipe dream for Real Madrid. It exceeds the limits of what they consider acceptable in the operation. Not all players have the same limits.

In the case of the 19-year-old Englishman, football arguments are on his side, as they were with Tchouameni, but in no case do they think of doubling the bet, going from 80 to 150 million euros. The Frenchman wanted to play for Real Madrid and gave up money for it.

In Endrick’s case, the presence of a senior Real Madrid executive says it all. The work of the possible signing began a year ago and now it has gone into action with the third presence in Sao Paulo in less than four months and laying the foundations for how far the white club will go.

Now the ball is on the Palmeiras court and those 60 million negotiable euros that appear in the termination clause, the player’s family, the agent and the footballer himself.

On Sunday he will pass a new exam, in this case against Cuiaba, a team that puts the category at stake against the already champion. Endrick aims to start. He is passing all the tests with flying colors and that means that what he aimed for is being fulfilled, but he does not open the doors to an uncontrolled auction. Or at least that’s how they think at Real Madrid.


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