Tom Brady on the way to achieve huge milestone

Tom Brady on the way to achieve huge milestone. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said Friday that if he breaks the 100,000-yard passing barrier next Sunday, it will be to the credit of his teammates who caught any of his passes in his 23-year career.

“More than me, it’s a credit to all the guys I played with, to all the guys who protected me and who caught those passes,” Brady said before the duel in which the Bucs will host the champion Los Angeles Rams.

Tom Brady is 164 yards away from scoring in his historic NFL career notebook, another feat that seems unattainable for any other QB.

Currently considered the best player in the history of the NFL, he accumulates 99,836 yards between the regular season and the playoffs. The two quarterbacks closest to that record are Drew Brees, with 85,724, and Peyton Manning, with 79,279, both already retired.

In his 23 seasons in the league, 20 with the Patriots -with whom he won six Super Bowls- and three with the Buccanners -with whom he won one-, Brady boasts multiple records.

He is the player with the most Super Bowl appearances with 10, with most MVP designations, five; the one with the most touchdown passes in the regular season, the most completed passes and the greatest number of victories, among other achievements.

The 15-time Pro Bowl selection said if he breaks that mark he won’t be interested in keeping the ball as a souvenir. “I’ll probably keep my jersey. I’ve kept a few of those lately, but no matter what happens, not the ball, because it’s just that, a soccer ball,” he said.

Tom Brady acknowledged that the 100,000-yard figure is insane that he never thought he could beat. “I think everyone would have said we’re crazy, including me, if that figure had been mentioned to me at the beginning of my career, but I insist, it’s the merit of all the people I’ve played with. Thank you all,” he concluded. .

The Buccaneers are in second place in the NFC South with a 3-5 mark, chasing the Atlanta Falcons, who lead 4-4.


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