Sergio Ramos opt out of the World Cup

Sergio Ramos is one of the 55 players selected by Luis Enrique as possible squad for the World Cup in Qatar. Also Piqué, but neither one nor the other will be on the final list. At least if Luis Enrique is faithful to consider that the leadership should be his and not a player who can become the epicenter of everything. On that step, neither of them has a place.

They are two different cases. Ramos plays and has recovered his best physical condition. Piqué has problems to enter the eleven and even to put on his boots on the bench, as happened in Mestalla last Saturday.

The azulgrana resigned and, as can be seen, he is willing to return once his own club has turned its back on him. The former madrista Ramos, ready for anything, but aware of reality.

The unknown, in any case, will be resolved on November 11, but the future of the Andalusian seems clear that he does not go through Qatar. The coach has not had the current PSG player since the match against Kosovo in March 2021 and in which he barely played four minutes.

The PSG center-back knows that he has it raw, that his options are minimal despite having also appeared on the pre-list of the last call. He does not lower his arms and does not despair. His thoughts go through continuing to play in the elite for a few more years.

He doesn’t set challenges for himself, but he knows that once he regains his physical tone, it will be his body that sets the pace. Playing until he is 40 years old (in March he will turn 37) is something that is in his head.

Sergio Ramos says he has recovered the best possible sensations. Gone is a year and a half of problems that began with an operation on his left knee (February 2921) and that left as a consequence discomfort and muscle injuries that kept him from his best level until last August, in which his level physique regained its splendor.

Some of the infiltrations to which he underwent so as not to miss decisive games with Real Madrid, such as the semifinal against Chelsea in 2021, also took their toll on the defender.

The PSG defender has never hidden his desire to mark an era, to break all kinds of records and to be present at all the big events that he can. He has four World Cups (Germany, South Africa, Brazil and Russia).

He wants the fifth, but he knows that right now it is almost easier for him in 2030, in which it would be his last year competing, than the one that starts in a few days in Qatar. He sounds like a pipe dream, but anything can be expected from Ramos.

PSG is still far from the social peace essential for any dressing room, but if Messi and Neymar continue at this level after the World Cup, everything is possible or so they think.

With no renewal offer on the table, Ramos only thinks about the next game and showing that his game and his body are still part of the elote of soccer.


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